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8 Ways to Bet on Today's Football Matches Without Ever Losing for Beginners

Betting on today's football matches or online football betting is a hot topic among many bettors nowadays. Even if you have a lot of experience, you can still make mistakes when betting on live football scores, leading to visible losses. Therefore, Wintips will provide 9 ways to analyze football tips uk for you to refer to and apply.

Betting on Today's Football Matches by Type of Bet

Reputable bookmakers recommend betting according to different types of bets. This approach will help you achieve the best results and increase your chances of winning.

Specifically, with Asian Handicap bets, which are quite simple and easy to play, there are no draws and you have the possibility to adjust your bet if you realize your initial prediction was wrong. This means that when you bet on Asian Handicap odds, you are less likely to lose but can also face continuous losses if not guided properly.

With European odds, when you apply betting to a match, it can decrease as the Asian odds decrease slightly towards the start. When you're new, pay attention to European odds flashes, which are sure to be bait odds. This type of bet has many characteristics, such as dangerous flashes when they look attractive, causing players to continuously pour in money, potentially leading to a 50% chance of losing everything.

Additionally, if you notice any odds flashing close to match time indicating a downward shift, it's 100% bait. The risk of losing increases as the lower odds continue to drop right at the start of the match.

Thus, European odds are difficult to predict, but quick analysis can make it easier. For Asian Handicap, if you see the odds decrease slightly within 2 hours before the match, place your bet because it's relatively safe.

Handicap – Odds

According to experts from the top bookmaker, a 1-goal handicap shows the strength difference between the higher and lower teams. Compared to a ¼ or ½ goal handicap, a 1-goal handicap indicates a stronger dominance by the higher team.

When playing Over/Under bets, it's easier to win because if you lose, you just get your stake back, so you don’t lose your bet money. Experts confirm that the winning rate of handicap bets is very high compared to normal betting methods.

Here is the best way to bet on today's football matches:

Absolutely avoid betting on the underdog and always choose the upper team with a 1-goal handicap.

To win big, choose the Draw option in European odds.

For example:

You bet on the handicap team, 1-goal handicap, with 2 million VND and simultaneously place 1 million VND on the Draw in European odds. If the final result is a draw, you earn 2 million VND from the handicap and over 1 million VND from the Draw.

In the case that the handicap team wins, the player earns nearly 1 million VND profit after deducting the stake for the Draw. Remember, if the handicap is 1 goal, choose the upper team and place extra money on the Draw in European odds.

Betting on Today's Football Matches at the Right Time

Many players apply this method because of its high effectiveness. Accurate timing means starting right when the bookmaker releases the odds table for each match.

Bookmakers usually release odds tables around 4 – 5 PM. However, be aware that bookmakers can still change the available odds, so remember to refresh (press F5) to follow the accurate bookmaker odds.

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Betting on Soccer Scores Based on Side Bets

Importance of Side Bets

In addition to main soccer bets like Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under, side bets such as corner kicks, yellow cards, and the number of goals scored play a crucial role in betting. The match score is still influenced by the information related to side bets. Therefore, bettors should consider these significant figures from side bets to predict the score with nearly 100% accuracy.

Using Over/Under Bets

Predicting soccer scores using Over/Under bets can yield better results than expected. If the bookmaker sets the Over/Under at 3.5 goals, the probability of it occurring is about 55%. When the rate is 2 goals or less, the result is likely to be a draw of 1-1 or 2-2, with a probability of up to 65%. Hence, careful consideration is needed before placing a bet.

Avoiding Bookmaker Traps

Another strategy for predicting soccer scores is to avoid falling into bookmaker traps. Bookmakers employ many soccer experts, making it challenging for bettors to win. Before placing a bet, evaluate the odds and wait for about 30 minutes to reassess before making a decision. During this period, both European and Asian odds often fluctuate. If there isn't a significant change, you can place your bet.

Experienced bettors advise that if you see a rapid increase in the odds for the underdog in European odds, it is usually unsafe. At this point, the bookmaker is trying to lure bettors into a trap to make money off them, so it's best to avoid this bet.

Analyzing Newly Released Matches by Bookmakers

When bookmakers first release odds, they do not manipulate the betting board, giving players confidence in their choices. Bettors can take advantage of this to make the most objective analysis and selection. However, it's important to remember that as the match approaches, bookmakers will release more enticing bets to trick players.

Betting Based on a Team’s Cycle

To get accurate betting results, bettors should consider the playing cycle of the team. This strategy is commonly used by seasoned bettors and yields the desired results. This means you must have a comprehensive plan before placing a bet. Gather detailed information related to the team, including:

The team's match history

The coach

The players participating in the match

The team's win/loss history

From this data, you can confirm that the team’s performance is quite stable. At this point, placing a bet is a wise decision since there is over an 80% chance of winning.


Today, there are many ways to predict soccer scores and choose the most accurate bets. However, the strategy varies depending on the match, the teams, and the odds. Players should refer to this article's content to apply these eight betting tips sites methods effectively.


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