Daily Ultimate

… one of the most potent, easy to assimilate liquid multi-vitamin mineral supplements in the world!!!

 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Sugar Free

 Contains over 200 Nutrients

 150 Naturally occurring Phytochemicals including Ellagic Acid

 29 Fruits, 13 Vegetables, 20 Proprietary Herbs

 13 Vitamins

 69 Minerals from Whole Foods

 17 Amino Acids

 Available in 32 oz Bottle

Includes these formulations…

 Multi-Vitamin Mineral Formula

 Cardiovascular Formula

 Stress Reducing Formula

 Super Anti-Oxidant Formula

 Immune Enhancer Formula

 Energizing Formula

 Muscle, Bone & Joint Formula

 Vision Support Formula

 Digestive Aid Formula

 Liver Cleanse & Detox Formula

 and much more!

... all in one great tasting multi-supplement for the entire family!

*** Price Includes Shipping & Handling***

Body One Daily Ultimate Liquid Vitamin

$42.95 Regular Price
$40.80Sale Price
1 Ounce

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