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Grant Writing

  • Funding Searches - Provide a database of grant opportunities specific to the client’s company.  Client will receive an organized summary table of all pertinent information needed for their grant time to begin selecting potential funders.


  • Letters of Inquiry – One to three page letters that provides a glimpse of everything that will actually be presented in the full grant proposal or application


  • Pre-submission peer review - A review and critique of a grant proposal prior to submission.  Entails a detailed review and comparison of the grant application guidelines against the proposal that has been written.  Check for the technical requirements of the funder (font size, page limitations, mandatory services, etc).  Note weaknesses in the narrative responses and recommend changes.


  • 501C Application - Completion of application to earn non-profit status.


  • Long term grant writing projects 3 months or more - Based on Client and needs: Types of services includes: needs assessment, program design, research, letters of inquiry, project monitoring and evaluation, application, thank you and follow up for denied awards.


  • Grant Writing Training:

    • Train a team of writers

    • Telling your story – How to write a compelling narrative

    • Understanding funding documents

    • Where to find funding

    • Grant Writing made Easy


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